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Multiple Bodies and a Theme of Tomorrow is a collective project series involving multiple artists living in multiple places, working to produce a series of interconnected works to be revealed in various cities and in various forms throughout 2015/16. Instead of one comprehensive and geographically specific premiere evening, we hope to extend these ideas and processes into multiple communities and through multiple iterations, maybe even happening at the same time. These collaborations will take on many forms and structures, including performances, sound installations, videos, photography, essays, and who knows what else. Cooking?


We are interested in pursuing critically engaged ideas that develop from the purposefully vague prompt of ‘tomorrow.’ This could include interrogations of gender, habit, sexuality, socialization, transformative action, censorship, forgiveness, love, kinship, and all shades of queerness that resonate when considering these topics in relation to ‘tomorrow.’


The blog of the website serves as a 'hub' for artists to post updates, events, screenings, thoughts, etc.

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